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Please send  your resume to (please mention the subject of the email as: ) Note: Resumes without the above subject line will be rejected. Use our 6 tips to make a good resume and make it stand out. If you have queries post them in forum Location: Work from Home Stipend: Unpaid Internship: About Us: India is a land of diverse cultures. And all promote women wearing jewelry. To make the whole experience very affordable and simple. We have come up with We have had a 5 year long offline presence in Delhi NCR region by the name Obsession Forever and now we wish to take it to whole of India.We bring an affordable jewelry shopping solution. This website aims to be one stop destination for imitation jewelry shopping in India. Who all can apply? Any student in any college of India,in any course and any year can apply. There are cases when Engineering Students or any other Science background students shy away from such opportunities as this might not be from their field. But if someone is motivated to be an entrepreneur someday in life. I would say this opportunity is just perfect. At the end, you get to learn something new. Plus this internship would teach the basics of Marketing and Sales and all other things related to a business. No high marks or grades required. But students who wish to realise their true potential and work not upto our but your own satisfaction. All those who think creatively or work hard or wish to learn something new can apply. Why Do we launch this Internship Program? The gap between Indian education and Industrial applications is huge. To cover that gap, we have come up with this Project Based internship program. Not many internships offer projects to students that can be carried out in teams that too while sitting at home. Benefit of team based projects: 1) One learns to interact and polish his/her communication skills 2) One learns to work in a team 3) We wish to create good performers as Team Leaders so one gets to lead a team of other people hence, developing leadership skills. Fields of projects and work to be done 1) Marketing: Devising innovative and engaging social media strategies 2) Entrepreneurial: Suggesting and coming up with Novel Ideas to improve getjewelified and consequently the sales 3) Advertising and Promotions: Remaining very active on social media, Facebook, G+, Twitter and pintrest and promoting on all these platforms. 4) Sales: Determining the best sales pitch and improvement in the product for better sales. 5) Web layout: Suggesting changes and improvements in site designs, layout and structures, 6) Designing: Designing posters, characters and other things using various softwares. Specific projects would be allotted as soon as we get the teams sorted. We at wish to create entrepreneurial environment in India, hence it would be great if all interns take up at least a couple of projects as it would result in all-round development of you as entrepreneurs. But if someone is very focussed on any one particular project he/she should be working on that particular project only. If someone is wishing to work on many of them he/she can also apply and would be given a project according to his or her demands. # Though a very important aspect of this internship is creating an online presence of and that would include all interns doing a lot of interaction on the Facebook page of and also inviting likes from other people. Also it would involve working in other media platforms as well. Key takeaways!! Entrepreneurial Exposure: Many of you wish to start your own company one day hence here is an opportunity to work with a start up and learn the basic operations. Personalised Certificate of Completion clearly mentioning the personal achievements. Promising Letter Of recommendations to top performers. These recommendation letters are of huge advantage when applying for jobs at a later stage in life or for higher studies. Opportunity to intern with full time in summers or winters. Get featured on Hall of fame: All interns get featured on the hall of fame of our website. You can share it with others, brag about it. Top performing monthly interns get their Personalised Business Cards which can be used for official purposes and unofficial bragging purposes. Top performing intern in 3 months gets the highly sought after email id. You can grow your professional network. Get an opportunity to become a Leader of the team after showcasing good performance. High discounts on our website Only work from home or college or hostel, you can easily juggle your work timings and work according to your own comfort. Be your own boss! Monthly feedback from the Core Team would be provided to all interns. Bragging Rights: You can put up on Facebook, LinkedIn that you are interning with us. Also you can include in all your signatures, that you are an intern at Understanding, Marketing and Sales which are the prerequisites for starting one’s own venture. Opportunity to connect with like minded students from across the country and interact with them. Work, interact and get mentored closely by the core Start-up team. Be a part of team and handle matured projects. Hands on experience of marketing. Follow 10internship on Blog, Twitter, Facebook

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