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Marketing Manager (posted on 17/07/2012) | 10internship.in

Marketing Manager (posted on 17/07/2012)

How to apply:

Please send  your resume to info@properji.com (please mention the subject of the email as: 10internship.in )

Note: Resumes without the above subject line will be rejected.

Use our 6 tips to make a good resume and make it stand out.

If you have queries post them in forum






1. Own the outreach activities
2. Optimize online presence
3. Drive social media efforts on facebook, twitter and linkedin
4. Make recommendations to the management team
1. Opportunity to work in a Silicon Valley-funded tech start-up focusing on India and with the founding team comprising Ivy League, IIT & IIM graduates
2. Consumer-oriented technology product launch
3. Establishing & running operations from scratch
4. Inter-personal skills and management in a start-up setting
5. Suitable milestone-driven remuneration as in a startup will be worked out for the deserving candidate. In addition, founders will be willing to write a recommendation or serve as a reference

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