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Robotics Internship at MITBOTS (posted on 12/03/2012) | 10internship.in

Robotics Internship at MITBOTS (posted on 12/03/2012)

How to apply:

Please send  your resume to info@mitbots.com (please mention the subject of the email as: 10internship.in )

Note: Resumes without the above subject line will be rejected.

Use our 6 tips to make a good resume and make it stand out.

If you have queries post them in forum






Job Profile:

  1. MITBOTS is a robotics technology company developing robots for entertainment,education and consumer markets.
  2. MITBOTS is pioneering the usage of robotics to enhance science and engineering education in India.
  3. MITBOTS unique practical learning solutions like robotics lab and trainings aims to create a revolutionary technology culture in india by bringing creativity,fun and practical knowledge in education
  4. Kindly visit the URL for details and to apply.

Website: http://mitbots.com/

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