Web Development Internship at EyeBridge Soft Solutions (posted on 29/11/2011)







How to apply:

Please click here to apply. (please mention the subject of the email as: 10internship.in ) Note: Resumes without the above subject line will be rejected. Use our 6 tips to make a good resume and make it stand out. If you have queries post them in forum Location: Dwarka, New Delhi Stipend: Unpaid Internship: Job Responsibilities:
  1. Expert in PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX
  2. Responsible to complete website development life cycle, starting from requirement analysis to testing to deployment
  3. Developing back-end and front-end applications and CMS
  4. Uploading the website onto a server
  5. Testing the website & identifying any technical problems
Desired Profile (Candidate Profile / Minimum Skills Required):
  1. Good Knowledge of Wordpress would be preferred
  2. Openness to New Technologies and Development Methodology
  3. Creative and innovative
  4. Good communication skill
  5. Willing to take challenges
Area of specialization: B.Tech (IT & CS) and MCA No of Openings: 8 – 10 Brief about our company: EyeBridge Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a young & creative web consultancy, initiated by a team from India’s top MBA & Engineering colleges. It gives us pleasure to say that our work has been selected and awarded at various international forums (cssremix.com etc) and we have been termed as an inspiration for Global Designers. Over time we have developed an impressive line-up of clients both in India and globally. At EyeBridge; we offer ample growth and learning opportunities to every team member. We call our workspace as “workshop”, with the floor and tools to experiment with our imagination so as to pursue and give birth to the ‘next level’ of Creative Alternative Solutions. Our services include Web and Brand Designing, Application Development and Digital Marketing Solutions including SEO. Our strength lies in the diverse mix of individuals who call themselves “Team Eye Bridge”. Website: http://cssremix.com/ Follow 10internship on BlogTwitterFacebook  

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