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Technical Internship at Synopsys Sol. Group (posted on 28/07/2011) | 10internship.in

Technical Internship at Synopsys Sol. Group (posted on 28/07/2011)

How to apply:

Please click here to apply. (please mention the subject of the email as: 10internship.in )




Business Title: Intern (Technical)
Requisition Number: 2117BR
Job Category: Interns/Temp
Job Type: Intern

Job Description:

  1. This position is for the High Level Synthesis team in the Synopsys Solutions Group in Bangalore to help develop and support the Synphony Model Compiler product.
  2. Synphony Model Compiler is a library of high level DSP building blocks delivered through the Mathworks Simulink environment.
  3. Designs created with the library can be synthesized into hardware using the Synphony Model Compiler high level synthesis engine.
  4. The intern will be assigned a project related to design, implementation & verification of DSP blocks.

Desired skills:

  1. C programming skills
  2. Basic VHDL/verilog
  3. Understanding of DSP will be a plus
  4. Understanding of digital design/exposure to EDA tools will be a plus

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