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Campus Ambassador Program at iTestiWin.com (posted on 30/07/2011) | 10internship.in

Campus Ambassador Program at iTestiWin.com (posted on 30/07/2011)

How to apply:

Please send  your resume to itestiwin@gmail.com (please mention the subject of the email as: 10internship.in )

Note: Resumes without the above subject line will be rejected.

Use our 6 tips to make a good resume and make it stand out.

If you have queries post them in forum


Work from Campus


performance based


Job Profile:

  1. iTestiWin.com Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent iTestiWin.com on their campus.
  2. iTestiWin.com Ambassadors have some structure and a lot of freedom to figure out the best ways for iTestiWin.com to get involved at their universities.
  3. Ultimately, they are a strategic link between their universities and iTestiWin.com.

What you get as a iTestiWin.com College Rep?

  • Develop valuable leadership, communication and project management skills
  • Start to grow your professional network.
  • Get a hands on experience of marketing, content writing, social media marketing which will enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Chance to work and intern with iTestiWin.com team.
  • Certificate of experience.

What you will do as a iTestiWin.com College Rep?

  • Spread word about iTestiWin.com in your and other colleges, online forums, communities, blogs. Social media marketing. Encourage and invite students to join iTestiWin.com
  • Write articles on CAT and MBA Exams, MBA Colleges and anything related to MBA and Placement Exams. Interview of college students.
  • Update iTestiWin.com about latest happenings in your college, campus fests, events etc. What students are doing for their career etc.
  • Organize seminars for MBA and Aptitude Exams on behalf of iTestiWin.com
  • Business development by forging alliances with educational institutes, colleges, online startups and generate revenue.
  • Help us in improving iTestiWin.com and making it one of the best portal in India for Test Preparation.

Website: http://www.itestiwin.com/campus-ambassador-program

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