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Location: Work from Campus Stipend: 3000 Internship: This position is responsible for running, managing and growing the community for a very exciting website based on a novel business model. You're responsibilities will include: Working through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to grow awareness and usage of the site.
  • Write and mange the Blog for the website.
  • Promote the deals featured on the website
  • Growth of memberships
  • And other things that you'll no?doubt dream up to bring to the table.
This position is an intense opportunity to continue integration of social media, online video, learning tools and much more. It's also  the opportunity to leverage your skills in seeing new opportunities and driving innovation and fun on the site and in the offerings. We're looking for: Someone that "gets" online - from understanding SEO to Twitter(r), web site analytics, email campaigns and other tools you'll have at your disposal, if you've ever wanted the opportunity to weave a great position out of your passions, this may be just the ticket. If you're interested in a truly unique offering, please contact us for more information. Skills/ Requirements:
  • Passionate about technologies
  • Personable
  • Prior online experience
  • An outstanding demeanor
  • Experience working online in terms of email, browsing and research
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • A strong desire to enjoy work, do the right thing and make a difference in an industry clamoring for new technologies and approaches.
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