BSNL Summer Training & Internship in Telecom (posted on-09/05/10)







How to apply: By filling up appropriate form available at office of DGM Admin at Millers Road Chennai 600010 and RTTC / DTTC. It can be down loaded from the website Summer Training Programs at a glance :

  • Internship Training
  • In Plant Training
  • Industrial Visit
Program Details : 1. Internship Training : This course gives an overview to the range of telecommunication technologies. It is customized to give an exposure to working / live telecommunication equipments deployed in BSNL Chennai for the students pursuing Engineering degree courses (ECE / EEE / E&I / CSC / IT / ICE) at the end of third year. It includes visit to various telephone exchanges / Mobile Towers / RF Planning and exposure to various systems in Labs located at RTTC Chennai. Internship certificate will be issued by RTTC/DTTC Chennai which does not guarantee a job in BSNL. Duration: 4 / 6 Weeks and More (Monday to Saturday) Timing: 1000 Hrs to 1730 Hrs Course Fee: Rs 4000 per participant +Taxes Applicable for the first 4 weeks. For every additional week Rs 1000 + Taxes applicable per participant will be charged Batch Capacity: 20 2. Inplant Training : This course is imparted to students pursuing Engineering degree courses (ECE / EEE / E&I /CSC / IT / ICE) at the end of second year and covers wide range of topics detailed below with an objective to familiarize the students on the application side of the basic theories being taught in Engineering colleges. This training is imparted for the past ten years and each year around 1200 engineering students are benefitted. Duration: 5 Days Timing: 1000 Hrs to 1730 Hrs Course Fee: Rs 1000 per participant inclusive of Taxes Batch Capacity: 100 3. Industrial Visit : During this one day visit the participants will be given awareness as per the schedule detailed below. The engineering students sponsored by colleges accompanied by their faculty usually make this visit. Around 2000 students are benefited every year. Duration: 1 Day Timing: 1000 Hrs to 1730 Hrs Course Fee: Rs 100 per participant + Taxes Applicable Batch Capacity: 100 Link:


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