6 tips to make a good resume






1. Keep it short

Know the purpose of your resume , avoid really long and boring piece. The objective of your resume is to land an interview, and the interview will land you the job (hopefully!).

2. Avoid Mistakes

Proofread it twice.

3. Keep it Structured

Use bullet points and short sentences to describe your experiences, educational background and professional objectives. Mention your contact information in the header

4. Customize

Tailor your resume & cover letters for each employer- Do not create a standard resume sure it will save you time, but it will also greatly decrease the chances of landing an interview . Analyze internship ads -Identify what profile employer are looking for and how the information should be presented.

5. Use standard formats

Use common fonts like Times Roman, Courier, and Bookman. Font size: 10 (minimum), 12 (maximum); Headings may be larger. Margins: 1 inch (ideal); ½ inch (minimum)

6. Avoid plagiarism

Do not copy stuff from your friend's resumes. This not only reduces the chances for you but your friend as well .

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