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AL logo Company profile: Abhyas Labs is a platform for young students and graduates to interact and learn from a team of professionals, technology experts and entrepreneurs with the experience of working with world?s largest software and hardware product companies.We include a network of Technology experts and Entrepreneurs who have joined hands together to lay an interaction and referral mechanism to hire fresh talent, for creating opportunities for fresh talent in technology industry and Helping youngsters to learn, freelance and start on their own. Workshop-Web Development : Salient features of the workshop: 1. Session by Piyush Gupta (Co-founder, RouteGuru) 2. Participation certificate for participants. 3. Introduction to various technologies and selection of students for advanced courses. Course Structure:

  • Designing interactive web interfaces using Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  • Understanding Document Object Model (DOM) in JavaScript
  • Learning CSS fundamentals
  • Introduction to API (Google API Demo)
  • How to use client-side debugger
  • Event Handlers demonstration (with examples)
  • Server-side scripting including backend database (PHP & mySQL)
Event Details: Date – 5th September 2009 Timings – 9 am to 2 pm Venue – Auditorium at Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Geeta Colony, Delhi Fees - Rs. 100/- (Per student) Registration - Visit this link to register yourself. Local Contacts: 1. Ankit Khatri - IEEE designated coordinator for Abhyas Labs (+91.9968250075) 2. Ashish Jha - Interim Chairman, IEEE-AIT Chapter (+91.9818954699) 3. Sagar Joshi - Vice Chairman, IEEE-AIT Chapter (+91.9968059636) Note: Workshop is open to all the colleges but LIMITED SEATS! Please register soon, as it closes on Friday (4th September) evening.


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