Marketing Internship at United Arts Society (posted on-27/09/09)







logo Company profile: United Arts Society is a bona fide Registered NGO committed to the promotion of art through education, workshops, events and art solutions.Its unique programs like First Touch, Young World Forum, Our Age,Go Live!!!, Summer Splash and Granny’s Courtyard have been successfully bridging the gap between art and the individual for the last two years. We have touched lives of 7000 children and grown-ups so far in three major cities- Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. Internship-Marketing: Roles:

  • Program Co-ordinator
  • Training manager
  • School Relationship Manager
Desired candidate expectation:
  • Minimum expected weekly commitment of 20hrs .
Job profile:
  • The profiles of these interns will include organising, communicating, and promoting the sessions, workshops, event and services of the organisation in schools and related art events.
  • Connecting research and documenting will also be expected for learning.
Stipend: 4,000 to 8,000 per month Duration: 3 months to 6 months. Location: Delhi Contact: Vineet Singh How to apply: Email your resume to (please mention the subject of the email as:

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